Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Power of Citizen Journalism

I was trawling around and I've just stumbled across this BBC documentary from 2010. It focuses on how aspects of citizen journalism - video in particular - are affecting the ability of those in power to control their messages. It also looks its impact on the media.

If, like me, you missed it at the time it's a useful bit of background for anyone taking look at the impact of what's been dubbed citizen journalism.

On a day when my son is looking at video clips as part of his exam revision, it's also a powerful reminder of the role Youtube plays in education, information and entertainment.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Journalism ethics on Scoopit.

I've been playing with recently and I've come up with this curated page on Journalism Ethics, which I hope to keep curating. I'd be interested in hearing others' views on using this tool.


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Twitter lists for media law and UK national newspapers

Inforrm Blog published its list of 90 legal tweeters the other day.  The list is made up principally of UK-based folk who tweet about media related law topics, but there are a few from the US too.

I'm flattered to be on it, alongside really good legal tweeters such as David Allen Green of New Statesman and Jack of Kent blog flame. And I've gained a few new Twitter followers as result of my inclusion.

It's also a great demonstration of how much we like lists. We look to see if we've been included and we usually have a suggestion or two for names that might have been left out. has also updated its Twitter list of national newspaper tweeters, which might be worth a look.